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Back to School - Tips to make it a little easier
Posted on 2019-08-16 by Carol Burns

It's that time of the year again, leaves are changing colors, the air is feeling cooler, and students (Well some of them) are looking forward to going back to school.  This generally means a great deal of adjustment for the entire family, so here are some of our tips to make it a little easier. 

*Shop early for back to school clothes.  In this age of online shopping, sometimes the easiest way to shop is to get it delivered early in the summer break, and then let them try it on when they are in a good mood, not when they HAVE TO.  Getting their school shopping done early means time to return anything they don't like, and less stress heading into the end of summer. 

*Start getting them to bed at the time they would generally go on a school night.  It takes a week or two to get used to going to bed on time and waking up early.  The entire family should be getting into a "normal" bedtime routine, including Mom and Dad, who might have starte...

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The Summer Road Trip has Gone High Tech
Posted on 2019-07-19 by Carol Burns

Remember when you were a kid and the family would jump in the car for a road trip?  You loaded up some pillows, some snacks and drinks, maybe even the family dog.  Mom would have the big map that you could never fold back the original way, giving Dad directions to turn up here, and yelling  "No, No don't take a short cut!"  and the kids would be in the backseat playing "I spy" or "Road Bingo".  It was pretty basic, and a lot of fun. 

Skip ahead a generation (or two) and things have changed thanks to all the mobile devices.  The kids have i pads streaming movies or YouTube, Mom now has an app that tells you exactly where to turn and how far to go and even your estimated destination arrival time.  We use our phones to map out our routes, book camping sites or hotels, entertain ourselves in the car.  You can plug your phone into your car and stream music right from your Road Trip playlist, or listen to a Podcast to pass the time.&n...

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Summertime Marketing is Easy Breezy!
Posted on 2019-06-21 by Carol Burns

Summer is here and we have the hottest new trends with new inflatables and warm weather products!  Show your customers that your business is on trend and all about them having fun.  All products can all be fully customized with your imprinted logo making them perfect for getting your brand noticed at your next event or trade show. They also make an exciting giveaway for your next company picnic or BBQ.  Here are our top 5 picks for the summer!

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