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Special Events

Commemorate your next special event with a customized, imprinted promotional item that hosts, guests and attendees can have as a keepsake, decoration, or as something they can use again and again. Within the categories of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, St. Patrick's Day, Weddings/Engagements and Birthdays/Celebrations, you'll find unique party favors, but also consider these event promotional items suitable for many other occasions you may have coming your way like: Halloween and Christmas Parties, Summer Festivals, or New Year's Eve.Here you will find unique party favors, birthday party supplies, and decor that range from apparel and accessories, commemorative drinkware party favors suitable for a bar or bat mitzvah, tons of green St. Patrick's day party accessories, and tons of glow and LED decor and accessories. At Imprint Logo, making your next party exciting and memorable is easy, and customization can come in many forms: imprint the event date or name, the hosts' names, or imprint the logo of the company hosting the party. The possibilities are endless in making your next special event that much more memorable. Choose from our line of special event party favors in bulk.

All of our Special Events products can be personalized with your company logo or a design of your choice.