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Gifts For Everyone On Your List
Posted on 2019-11-15 by Carol Burns

2019 is ending and it’s time for making that Christmas list.   It’s a given we want to give gifts to our loved ones, family and friends, but what about people that support your business daily?  What can you do to let them know how much you appreciate them?  Here are some great gift ideas that will keep you off the naughty list. 



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Personalized Ornaments - The Perfect Gift
Posted on 2019-10-16 by Jennifer Taylor

Personalized ornaments are a fabulous way to mark all your special memories and favorite events. There are 365 days and 8760 hours to make memories and to remember these occasions. They are a great way to mark these milestones in your life. They can be used to highlight a life event such as weddings, graduations, or events/trips such as a day at the beach or friend’s party. For businesses and schools, they may also be used to celebrate your employees, to remember a special corporate event, or for fundraising/charity events. Fill your Christmas tree with ornaments this year that represent these special memories. Here are some ornaments you may want to make your own:



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A New Kind of Trophy
Posted on 2019-09-13 by Carol Burns

If you're looking for a new way to say farewell at the end of the season, consider providing the whole team and coaching staff with a unique gift that will stand apart from standard trophies.

Autograph & Signature sports balls not only provide you with this type of memento, but also creates a social activity for end of season parties and get-togethers.  Team mates can pass around each other's footballs, volleyballs or basketballs and leave notes, inside jokes and memorable dates.  Just remember to give them permanent markers so the memories last!

Team gifts are something kids keep forever, and can be a great way to remember a great season, and kids can remember their team typically in two ways: with balls customized with a

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A New Kind of Trophy
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