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What are PopSockets and Why Use them for Promotions
Posted on 2018-08-29 by Jennifer Taylor

PopSockets – whether or not you know what they are, we’re sure you’ve heard of this term before. These are the new trending tech promotional product. What are they and why should I use these as part of my promotional product giveaways?


What are PopSockets?

PopSockets are small, plastic round discs that have an adhesive that you stick to the back of your phone. They were created by David Barnett who made these marketing gems when he wanted a place to wrap his headphones to prevent them from tangling. His original prototype was two large discs with a small spacer between them. These discs can then can be expanded like an accordion. Its uses include being a phone grip (to take better selfies), as a stand, or even to wrap cords/headphones around it. They essentially help you become hands free to engage in other activities such as ea...

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Why Do Teams Need Custom T-Shirts
Posted on 2018-07-12 by Jennifer Taylor

Corporate team build activities can be overdone and cheesy. Sure, you can hold tournaments or have a company lunch, but why not invest in more subtle ways to build a culture of teamwork? (Although corporate Jenga can be fun sometimes…)

We know that you know that custom t-shirts branded with your company logo are a must have for trade shows or promotional giveaways however many underestimate the impact that custom t-shirts can have on an employee culture. Teams need cohesion. Nothing ever truly great was done without the help of a team. Here’s how custom t-shirts can help bring your brand to life for your corporate team:



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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Custom T-Shirts
Posted on 2018-06-21 by Jennifer Taylor

T-shirts are very versatile, coming in different colors, sizes and shapes – the possibilities are endless! To put a slogan on the front or logo on the back, to different colors or all the same color. With the creative process, t-shirts are often used for giveaways and special events because they are very affordable. It’s a blank canvas for companies to put their slogan, logos or branding on.


Custom T-Shirts are very effective for….


1.       They’re an effective form marketing

As every...

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