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Kitchen Items

Help in the kitchen is always a wonderful thing, so imprint your logo on any of these various kitchen items and create a promotional item sure to be used and sure to be appreciated by customers, employees and clients alike. Our kitchen items offer a variety of tools sure to be a hit give away at a variety of trade shows, and come in a variety of bright colors so you can make your logo stand out as much as possible. In this section you’ll find handy items like cutlery, travel cutlery, bottle openers, cooking utensils and barbecue tools. Our smaller items like openers and travel cutlery are a great way to show off your logo as give-aways. And, some of our larger kitchen items like knife sets, spatulas and BBQ sets make wonderful employee gifts on their own, or paired with other custom kitchen items in gift baskets. Imprinting your logo on these kitchen tools will help your logo to remain on table tops and kitchen counters as a helpful tool to your customers – current and potential. And while these tools help them in the kitchen, they will also help your logo as it marinates in the minds of those customers.


Buy 4" Bag Clip
Prices as low as $0.77
Buy 7 Quart Bucket
Prices as low as $4.46
Buy Basting Brush
Prices as low as $1.22
Buy Cambria BBQ Grill
Prices as low as $82.64
Buy Cutting Board
Prices as low as $1.54
Buy Ice Cream Scoop
Prices as low as $0.92
Buy Measuring Cup
Prices as low as $0.93
Buy Pan Scraper
Prices as low as $0.71
Buy Spatula
Prices as low as $1.60
Buy Imprinted Oven Mitt
Prices as low as $2.54
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