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Flashlights & Lanterns

Light the party up at your next company function or trade show with any of these unique, custom logo flashlights and lanterns. Our glasses, wands and coasters are an excellent way to promote your logo at parties and fundraising events, and come in a variety of bright and fun colors. These custom flashlights and lanterns also make great party favors, so your logo will stay lit long after the party ends. Or, choose from our selection of custom and handy flashlights and brighten the day of employees and clients with a unique give away for trade shows, or as a gift to show appreciation. Flashlights are useful household items, so your logo will light up and shine bright every time your employees, customers and clients go camping, are working in dark spaces or need to find something around the house. Promotional lanterns, flashlights, and portable lights that can fit in pockets or on belt loops also make great gifts for employees in the trades, and is something sure to be used time and time again so your logo will be lit, time and time again.


Buy Aa Mini Maglite (R)
Prices as low as $18.02
Buy Maglite (R) Solitaire
Prices as low as $10.75