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Bags and Backpacks

Imprint your logo on a variety of bags and have your brand taken around town on shopping bags, totes, backpacks and lunch bags; around the country on hiking bags, toiletry bags and coolers; or, around the globe with business messenger bags and carryon bags. Custom bags and backpacks with your logo are a great way to spread your logo and allow for a large depiction of your logo, making it easy to see, read and remember. Or, this can allow for additional info you may want to show off, like contact info. Some of the larger bags allow for up to 8 inches (w) of logo space! Many of the tote and shopping bags are excellent promotional tools to use at trade shows as giveaways, and are a great way to supplement smaller promotional items. Maybe you are also offering brochures, pamphlets and pens with your logo and brand information on them. Now all that information can be in one spot, ensuring the customer has everything they need to know about you and your company in one easy to find spot. Choose from a large variety of eye-catching colors, styles and materials. Whether simple or trendy, small or large, placing your logo on a bag or backpack will ensure your logo is on an item that is never in one spot. Let our bags, totes, coolers and backpacks send your logo to places it has never been.


Buy Clear Backpack
Prices as low as $14.61
Buy Tumi Search Backpack
Prices as low as $511.70
All of our Bags and Backpacks products can be personalized with your company logo or a design of your choice.