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Jump Ropes

Don’t skip this promotional item when planning your next trade show, fundraiser, school or fitness event! Our jump ropes offer a fun way to spread your logo, and can be marketed as fitness items or as an outdoor toy for children. This versatile product can make an excellent gift for active customers and employees, or can be a great way to add activities to fundraising and charity events. Imprint your logo on different coloured ropes, and while kids and adults alike enjoy the activity and fitness, your logo will be jumping up and down with them. Jump ropes are also a great way to supplement a trade show event centered on fitness, sport or wellness. Giving these ropes away with your logo on them at these types of trade shows will ensure your logo is reaching a crowd who will appreciate and use the gift long after the trade show is over. Imprint your logo on any of the bright colors available and jump for joy again and again for the success these items will bring to your company.