Ways Valentine's Day Can Help Your Business...
Posted on 2018-01-31 by Jennifer Taylor

Valentine’s Day may be associated with romantic couples and romantic love, however it can be a time for businesses to show the love.


Not selling jewelry, flowers, chocolates or stuffed animals? Not a problem – you don’t necessarily have to have any of these to have a successful Valentine’s Day campaign. In fact, even B2B businesses can “show the love” with the right approach to marketing on Valentine’s Day.


Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for businesses to use:


1.       “Aww… thank you.” – Show love to your best customers. Reward your loyal customers during this holiday. Send them a gift such as a Valentine’s themed promotional item imprinted with your logo may do the trick.

2.      “Thanks for all you do.” - Show love to your staff. You can’t forget the people who keep your business running effortlessly. Show gratitude through a party completed with logoed decorations or make sure there’s a gift from your business and a signed card at each employee’s work space.


3.      “Spread the love” - Support a cause. This is a great time of year to show your support for a favorite cause. Partner with a charity or another company for a special campaign, sponsor an event or raise awareness and donations. You can also engage your customers and reward donations with a special promotional gift.


4.      “Share the love.” – an invitation to love. Invite your loyal customers to show their love for your business/brand. Utilize your social media to get your followers to share what they love about your products/services. Invite them to share their thoughts for a chance to win something special (perhaps love related?)


5.      “Win me!” – hold a contest. Give away promotional products every day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then do a grand prize draw on February 14th!


6.    “Don’t forget about me!”  - singles. As we pointed out before, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Obviously not everyone has a significant other. Cater to them by the way of a romance-free special offers on February 15th.


7.      “We love you.” – To build brand loyalty and brand awareness. Overall idea? – associate your brand with love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for that reminder - something you want your customers to remember about you.


These are just a few ways that you can generate love and appreciation for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what Valentine’s Day gifts you want to use, remember to show gratitude from your business.