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What are PopSockets and Why Use them for Promotions
Posted on 2018-08-29 by Jennifer Taylor

PopSockets – whether or not you know what they are, we’re sure you’ve heard of this term before. These are the new trending tech promotional product. What are they and why should I use these as part of my promotional product giveaways?


What are PopSockets?

PopSockets are small, plastic round discs that have an adhesive that you stick to the back of your phone. They were created by David Barnett who made these marketing gems when he wanted a place to wrap his headphones to prevent them from tangling. His original prototype was two large discs with a small spacer between them. These discs can then can be expanded like an accordion. Its uses include being a phone grip (to take better selfies), as a stand, or even to wrap cords/headphones around it. They essentially help you become hands free to engage in other activities such as eating a cheeseburger, building a house of cards, or playing the violin.

PopSockets have taken the world by storm. People and celebrity alike have been using them and they’re popping up everywhere (no pun intended)! Some news sources have even labelled these as the new fidget spinners. These promos are popular with the millennials age group and relevant to their lifestyles.


How do PopSockets work?

As we described, you would attach it to the back of your phone or tablet. PopSockets are multi-functional tools as they can help with you’ve had twisted headphone wires or fail to balance your phone when taking a selfie or texting. They also help you when you want to find the perfect viewing angle for your tablet. They take up a minimal amount of space and are very portable. See the image below from PopSockets.com for more uses!


 You can also purchase a Popsocket mount. It enables you to post your phone to your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bedpost, wall or locker using your PopSocket. It snaps easily into and out of your PopSocket mount to enable hands-free viewing. 


Promotional PopSockets and Your Brand

These PopSockets are a stroke of genius as a marketing promotional product. When David Barnett went to his first promotional event, his product boomed and yours will too. Your customers want to stay on trend but they also want something they can use every day. With our phones permanently attached to our hands, your brand can make a huge impact with PopSockets! Our custom PopSockets offer a large printing area on the base – an area that is visible when your customers are holding their phones for various tasks, thus promoting brand exposure daily. Brand your PopSocket on something your customers will use time and time again. Your logo and tagline have never looked better!


Stay current with what’s new and popular with your customers by offering your own branded custom PopSockets as your next promotional giveaway! We have lots of variety and choices suited to your event or brand. Buy these PopSockets in bulk at wholesale prices - Contact us today to get your PopSockets in time for your next marketing event.  https://www.imprintlogo.com/search.php?search=popsocket

If they are not your cup of tea, check out our other popular promotional products.


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